Compassionate Euthanasia Options

We are here for you when the time comes that you must make the difficult choice of putting your beloved animal to sleep. We offer compassionate euthanasia appointments to meet you and your pet’s individual needs. Please call us to discuss any questions you might have about this difficult decision.

  • Canine Humane Euthanasia: $75
  • Feline Humane Euthanasia: $55

Options for remains:

  • At home burial (take home): No cost (cadaver bag provided as requested)
  • Communal cremation (no ashes returned): $25
  • Private Cremation (ashes returned in metal tin): pricing dependent on weight of pet – 0-15 lbs: $75; 16-30 lbs: $90; 31-45 lbs: $110; 46-60 lbs: $125; 61-75 lbs: $140; 76-100 lbs: $165; Over 100 lbs: $180 plus $1 per lb over 100

*Cremations are not performed at Alleycat Spay & Neuter Clinic, remains are transported to another facility location then returned to our facility once complete for pick up.