Spay/Neuter Surgery Appointments Walk-in Vaccine Clinics
Feline spay: $55
Feline Neuter: $45

  • Feline cryptorchid charge: $10
  • There is no additional charge for overweight/in heat/pregnant cats

Canine Spay 2-39: $100
Canine Spay 40-74: $120
Canine Spay 75-99: $130
Canine Spay 100-119: $140
Canine Spay 120 & up: $155
Canine Neuter 2-39: $75
Canine Neuter 40-74: $85
Canine Neuter 75-99: $105
Canine Neuter 100-119: $115
Canine Neuter 120 & up: 130

  • For canines in heat/cryptorchid/overweight/pregnant charge: $10-$20 depending on additional length of procedure

Additional Services at time of surgery:
Rabies Vaccine at the time of surgery: $9.00
All animals are required to have an up to date rabies vaccine at the time of surgery, if they do not we are able to administer the rabies vaccine the same day as surgery at a reduced cost of $9.00 per animal.


Pre-Surgical Bloodwork with PCV/TP: $45

E-collar (cone): $10

Soft paw set & application (feline): $20

Umbilical hernia repair: $15

Retained Teeth Removal: $10 per tooth

Anal Gland expression: $10

Health Certificate at time of surgery: $10

Dewclaw removal: $20 per dewclaw

Feline shave down: $55

  • This price includes an exam, sedation, and the grooming

Sedation charge: $20

  • This is available if needed for nail trims, soft paw applications, or vaccinations if patient won’t allow while awake.
(All of the services listed in this column can also be done on the same day as your pets surgery appointment!)

Rabies 1 year: $15

Rabies 3 year: $20

  • Must have proof of current in date rabies vaccine for a 3 year vaccine to be administered

Kennel Cough/ Bordetella: $20

Distemper/parvo combo (DHPP): $20

Distemper/parvo/lepto combo (DHLPP): $30

Lyme: $35

Feline combo vaccine (FVRCP): $20

Feline combo/leukemia vaccine (FVRCP/FELV): $30


Heartworm test: $15

Lyme test: $15

Feline Leukemia & FIV test: $25

Intestinal Parasite screening: $25

  • Please bring in a fecal sample

Additional Services at time of Clinics:

Microchip: $25

  • This price includes registration of chip

Nail trim: $10

Ear Cleaning: $10

Ear mite cytology: $10

Ear mite treatment: $10

Health Certificate at time of clinic: $20

Heartworm prevention

Revolution 6 month supply dog: $90-$127 (dependent on weight of dog)

Revolution single dose dog: $20-$25 (dependent on weight of dog)

Iverhart 6 month supply up to 25: $30- $45 (dependent on weight of dog)

  • Heartworm prevention requires a negative heartworm test result from Alleycat clinic

Flea & Tick prevention

Revolution 6 month supply cat: $97

Single dose revolution cat: $15

Seresto Collar cat or dog: $55

Parastar (Dog Flea): $12 / dose(month)
Easyspot each (Feline Flea): $12/ dose(month)
Capstar: $6


Virbantel dewormer (Canine): $10/pill **Dependent on dose/weight of animal
Drontal dewormer (Feline): $10/pill **Dependent on dose/weight of animal

Feral/Trapped Cats for Spay/Neuter

We are happy to accommodate Feral/Trapped for spay/neuter surgeries. We accept Feral/Trapped cats Monday-Thursday between 7:30AM-9:00AM without a pre-scheduled appointment. A feral cat is one that is unable to be handled and must be caught in a live trap in order to bring in for surgery. We do not recommend removing a feral cat from a trap to a carrier, or trying to put a feral cat into a carrier as this can result in harm to you and additional stress to the cat. Feral cat surgeries will be performed the same day they are brought in and can be picked up between 4:30PM-5:00PM that same evening. All feral/trapped cats will receive an ear tip to help identify they have been altered when released back outside (there is no additional costs for the ear tip). Feral/Trapped cats will also receive a rabies vaccine at the time of surgery, the cost of the rabies vaccine is at a reduced cost to $9.00 per animal at the time of surgery. Female cat surgery: $55 Male cat surgery: $45

Cat spay/neuter Transport Services

We set up specific locations and dates for transport programs. How these programs work are by Alleycat’s transport van will arrive at a designated partner area at our drop off time (8:30-9:00AM). Paperwork for patients and clients will get signed at this time, pets will be loaded into our transport vehicle. Clients will be required to provide proof of a current rabies vaccination for their pet, otherwise they will be required to receive a new rabies vaccine during their clinic visit (rabies vaccine at time of surgery is $9.00). Only one pet, per crate, will be accepted on our vehicle.
After pets have received spay/neuter surgery at our East Liverpool Clinic, and have recovered at our clinic, they will be transported back to the designated location to be picked up by the client during the designated pick up time (between 3:30-4:00PM). Payment will be due in full at the time of pick up. Transport Van phone number: 330-383-4542

Female cat spay surgery with transport is $60

Male cat neuter surgery with transport is $50

Current Transport Dates and Locations:

Austintown Tractor Supply: June 5th 2019, July 3rd 2019, August 7th 2019

6225 Mahoning Ave, Austintown, OH 44515